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Scan2PDF 2.0

PDF are known for their professional appearance, as well as a number of indicators that could be included in the file. However, it is not possible to upload a photo using the standard software. Scan2PDF is designed to enable the User to upload an image lawrffeiliau different formats directly to existing PDF document. It is very easy to use and supports various file types.

Features of the design and function

Scan2PDF looks very similar to malyunkavpaketcyffredin.Mae’nLoad offers a selection of key actions, extracting the file from your hard drive to re-evaluate and keep it current ratio. You can also align the image on the page or both sides directly in the middle (as testundiogelwch editing program).

Other users friendly options

Images can be rotated appropriate, and the height and width can be adjusted manually according to the size and alternatives. malyunkamoguts archebgaele change it, it can be necessary, delete individual filesthe current list. There is no cost to download this package and is available in ZIP format for those who are concerned about memory usage.


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