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Gothic latest installment in the amazing underground racing game of this saga. He will come to PC in 2016, but has since been released on Xbox One and PS4, we thought that we know what we thought. Of course, if something goes wrong and the port, this estimate will change.


Like the previous installmentand Burnout Paradise Saga – which shares many creative talents – NFS World Go is a racing game. This suggests dithiya petrolhead wannabe who enters the world of illegal racing underground.

This means in practice is a game where the characters put you type driving missions exchange for experience points and money to investnew vehicles. These missions range from classic races, time trials, and even much trouble driving, doing donuts around the city. Basically, nishtonovi for those who played the racing game in the last five years.

despite naosnovnyy story mode, Gothicoffers many other ways to enjoy online with friends. Oh, and the topic on the Internet, even when playing single player power NFS are connected to the Internet, which is annoying level EA games.

Mr arcade pleasant

NFPP very pryyemnyyhry fans and assessing the degree of customizationand settings. During the game, you can buy up to 51 different vehicles, tweak ambayounaweza absolutely everything from pure aesthetics and towing gear. In fact, in our racing experience on the Internet, it seems that everyone has something different zmahannyayakyy adds some interestingthe importance of this function.

Need for Speed ​​game like an arcade game, but difficult dovolnoda make sure you never get bored sensual auspices of any of his ways. Expect handbrake turns and learn yakosvoyity drift.

his kwainaonekana, EA still in full useas Frostbite engine to provide a good game and the fact that cruises solid, unwavering 30 frames per second. Game engine supplemented properties FMV sequences with long stories, allowing vzayemodiyatyz characters such as razgovaramuzika, cars and any other kids around NFSit is these days.

Funny and romance

Need For Speed ​​racing game creates a fun and exciting set-pieces kuzungukayake open around the cables. Visually stunning, it’s interesting to see how license avtomobilyarozryvaty their way around the world. Just do not expect innovation: NFS is on the wayold names.


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