• Ori and the Blind Forest CODEX Free Download

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    Ori and the Blind Forest CODEX

    C O D E X

    P R E S E N T S

    Ori and the Blind Forest (c) Microsoft Studios

    Release Date: 03/2015 Protection: Steam

    Discs: 1 Genre: Action

    Forest Niebel died. After a powerful storm set series

    devastating events in motion, it is unlikely hero must go on

    your courage and confront the dark Nemeziduchtoby zahavatssvoyhouse. Ori

    Blind woods and tells the story of a young orphan to

    Heroism through a visually stunning action platformer with

    Moon Studios for the PC

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    Burn or mount .ISO

    Run Setup

    treschinyCODEX copy catalog uInstallDir



    Lock Search for a game in the firewall to prevent the meeting

    I am trying to go on the Internet

    When you install the game on Systemdrive, you may need

    To begin the game as an administrator, Sun

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  • Space Hulk Deathwing CODEX Update free download

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    Space Hulk Deathwing CODEX

    C O D E X

    P R E S E N T S

    Space Hulk: Deathwing (c) Focus Home Interactive

    Release Date: 12/2016 Protection: water vapor

    CDs: 1 Category: Action

    Space Hulk: Deathwing experience first shooter

    Space Hulk board game classic in terms of meeting

    ofWarhammer 40,000. Space Hulk: Deathwing is developed on Unreal

    Engine 4, and up to three of your friends and your area

    Experience in combat desperate to Genestealers

    Tunnels claustrophobicya Space Hulk

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    or filemount Iso

    Operation and installation

    Copy the crack from CODEX browser INSTALLDIR


    Note overview:

    Prevent exe game in your firewall to prevent the game from

    Try to use the Internet

    If you install the game system,It may be necessary

    Run with administrator privileges instead

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    But competition!

    Congratulations to CPY

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